Gunung Lambak 1 Day Trip Hike with Singapore Trekking Group

18.10.15: Gunung Lambak 1 day trip hike
Cost: Sg 35 transport from Sg to Kluang to Sg
1400m distance, 510m elevation
Challenging level for beginners: 4/5
Challenging level for average hikers: 3.5/5
Challenging level for active hikers: 3/5

Time taken to reach summit: 1hr
Time taken to reach big tree: 45mins
Time taken to get back to summit: 1hr
Time taken to get back to base: 30mins

“Never underestimate even the shortest mountain.”

Explore Sabah Day 19: Bohey Dulang, Semporna

The picturesque sea view shows a bird eye view of 3 Islands, Bodgaya Island (the biggest Island in the Tun Sakaran Marine Park), Bohey Dulang and Tetagan Island. From where I was standing, to my right, I could see the opening to Celebes Sea.

The short hike and surprising encounter I had earlier on was worth it. You can see the different wonderful blue shades of the ocean and be mesmerized by it. A great thing to do here was definitely stretching your arms wide open, with your head hung back and breathe in deep to the fresh air of the Sea, and of course, with the most satisfying feeling ever.